Want to Win the Aussie Saturday Lotto? Here’s how!

With high stakes and low winning chances, the anticipation and thrill that come with a lottery are unparalleled.

If you are an Aussie lotto enthusiast, here is a way you can win something big. The tatts lotto or the Saturday Lotto, a nationwide lotto held every Saturday, has a minimum Division 1 prize pool set at $5 million per week. Get the correct numbers, and the possibilities are endless.

So what is it going to be? A new luxury car? A new house? Maybe travel for a bit? Nonetheless, winning the Saturday Lotto can make all this and can turn all these dreams into reality. Read on to know more!

Tips and tricks to Win the Aussie Saturday Lotto

The Saturday Lotto is known to have the best odds of winning. With the prize odds of Division 1 as 1:8,145,060 and general odds of winning at least something at 1:85, you can score in the Saturday lotto, given you are smart about it.

Here are a few tips to push the odds a little bit in your favour.

Make Use of System Bets

Making system bets is one of the best ways of increasing your odds of winning. Essentially, a system ticket allows you to pick more than the usual 8 numbers. The system considers all possible 7 number combinations of your 8 or more selected numbers.

The idea is simple, increase your odds of winning by choosing different numbers.

Use Lotto Quick Picks

Since all lotteries numbers are drawn at random, it makes sense to use quick picks. But according to research, the human brain, when asked to pick numbers at random, in turn, ends up picking them up subconsciously.

Hence, use the Random Number Generator algorithm enforced by the tatts lotto Quick Pick and reduce the risk of shared wins if you hit the jackpot.

Join a syndicate

Joining a syndicate would drastically increase your chances of winning. Syndicates generally win 20% of the lottery jackpots. Syndicates enable you to split the cost of a hefty ticket so that you can share it with other players.

These prizes are then split evenly among all the syndicate members.

Avoid number systems

Number systems and algorithms are entirely baseless, and never trust anyone who says otherwise. Numbers in the Tatts Lotto are pulled randomly, meaning that no formula or algorithm will help you calculate the lotto numbers.

How to Win Big in the Saturday Lotto?

When it comes to winning the Tatts Lotto, you should try and cop the smaller prizes that require only 4 or 5 numbers to win. It will increase your chances of winning. The key to winning prize money in lottos lies within what you choose to do with your numbers.

You can go for the six-number jackpot, but the chances of winning those are considerably low. Bear in mind that every game you play brings you closer to winning the big prize. On top of that, use the tips mentioned above, and you are good to go!

Are Lotteries Worth Going Through So Much Trouble?

If Lady Luck is by your side, Tatts Lottery could be your chance to win big. An Aussie woman, who bought her ticket just two minutes before the cut-off time, cashed in a jackpot of nearly $500,000.

Similarly, the Saturday Lotto Draw 4233 showered $2.5 million on 8 Division 1 entries. Amidst these winners was a Rutherford couple, who upgraded their Valentine’s day plan after the $2.5 million lotto win.

To Conclude

The adrenaline and excitement that tags along with a Lotto results are incomparable.

With quite a significant amount even in the lowest division, winning a lottery can put a permanent tick on all your major bucket list tasks.

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself a ticket now!