Daily Wear Rings Every College Girl Must Own

Rings have long been used as a fashion symbol by most women, and the trend has continued in recent years. This little piece of jewellery that women wear on their finger is fashionable and helps act as the woman’s personality extension. It is why women cannot think of completing their look without including a ring in their ensemble. But of all the rings available in the market, how does one pick the right fit for them? 

Well, if you’re a college student that is having a challenging time managing the college’s dress guidelines and your fashion sense, we’re here to help. We’ve curated a powerful list of some of the top and best daily wear casual rings college students can wear without any worry. So let’s head quickly to the list of everyday rings shared below:

Birthstone Ring

If you love wearing personalized jewellery, then birthstone rings are for you. These rings are generally made using sturdy metals like gold, silver, etc., and feature the birthstone of the wearer’s birth month. Every precious gemstone has been linked to a particular month, making it easier for people to choose a gemstone matching their birth month. 

For example, Garnet is considered the birthstone of January month, Amethyst for February, Aquamarine for March, and so on. So if you were born in June month, your birthstone ring would feature a pearl. Birthstone rings look dainty and perfectly go with various outfit types.

Band Ring

Some people have a misconception regarding band rings that they’re ideal for replacing traditional engagement rings alone. In reality, anyone willing to sport a sophisticated look can wear these. 

A band ring is essentially a plain metal ring, but the base construction metal has been replaced by plastic resin and other materials for a more artistic look over the years. If you’re a college-going student, you can wear band rings that come without any adornments. But if you’re open to more variety, you’re sure to find various exciting options.

Contemporary Ring

A contemporary ring features a sleek design, clean lines, and graceful curves. A minimalistic approach is taken while designing a contemporary ring, making it ideal for college and office-going people. What separates a contemporary ring from fancy ones is that the subtle ring aspects take center stage instead of the over-the-top adornments. 

You can easily find a contemporary ring that features plain metal, precious gemstones, geometric patterns, motifs, and much more. The range of options is seemingly endless, so it is easy to find a contemporary ring that matches your personality and style preference.

Mood Ring

If you like always keeping up with the trends, you must have come across mood rings at least once. These cool-looking rings are fascinating because they change their color based on the wearer’s mood. No, the ring doesn’t come with advanced tech, but it has a component that changes its colors after detecting a change in your body temperature. 

While mood rings might not always be accurate, they’re really fun to wear to colleges. You can wear them at least once a week to break the monotonous ring patterns you usually carry.

Stacking Ring

As the name suggests, stacking rings refer to the set of multiple thin rings that are worn as a set on one finger. Stacking rings gave people the option to wear multiple designs of the same theme to be worn on the same finger for a more bold and dramatic look. The best part of stacking rings is the range of available designs and patterns. 

College-going students can wear multiple thin ring bands that are either plan or feature abstract designs or patterns to make the stack look stunning and attention-grabbing. You can wear the stack rings together or individually as one ring, depending on your preference.

Flaunt Your Style with Classy Yet Everyday Wearable Rings

If you thought everyday college rings are always boring, a look at the options shared above would change your perception for good. You can get any of the rings mentioned above and wear them to your college without any worry.