Is living in Queens cheaper than Brooklyn?

People moving to New York are torn between these places because of their diversity, beautiful landscapes, and good weather.

However, when it comes to the standard of living, it’s cheaper to move to Queens than to Brooklyn. Both cities have a great economy, a good transport system, and good neighborhoods.

This guide will talk about Queens, what to consider when moving there and other important information about this excellent New York Borough.

What to do before moving to Queen’s?

Before moving to Queens, there are certain things to consider to make your move easy. They are :

Choosing a trusted mover

Your first step when moving to Queens is selecting a reputable moving company that can get you to Queens. Many reliable movers can do a good job at good rates. I will recommend you use these Queens moving companies because of their excellent services, cheaper rates, and great customer support.

Address change

Before you move to queen’s, it will be in your best interests to change your mailing information. You can do this by going to your local post office to fill out the details. Alternatively, you can give USPS a call or mail them about your new address. This is to avoid missing important emails from old contacts who don’t know your new address.

Research about your new place

Before leaving for Queens, ensure you ask around about how the place is. You can use Google search engines or ask people who are familiar with the city. While Queens is a great place to stay, it has different housing rates based on specific counties. Be prepared ahead, if you are having challenges, join an online community in Queens.

Cheapest Neighborhoods to stay in Queens

Moving to Queens is a great choice as against Brooklyn, however, neighborhoods differ from one another. Here are some of the cheapest places to stay in Queens :


This is a quiet and serene neighborhood with many Greek populations. It is very close to Manhattan and home to several beautiful landscapes. There are several cheap homes where Middle-class citizens can be found. Many people who live here love the quiet nature of the location. The tax in this place is also 5% lower than in Brooklyn.

Forest Hills

This lovely location is home to one of the friendliest locals in New York City. You will find many Tudor-styled properties with perfect living rooms and gardens. If you are the outdoor type, you will find many cheap bars and shopping places where you can meet interesting folks to relate with.

Rockaway Beach

This is a beautiful although slightly laid-back neighborhood in Queens. People who have been priced out in Manhattan usually move to this place because of its affordable lifestyle. This is an excellent choice for people who want cool weather and a budget-friendly place to stay. 

The locals are very friendly and look out for one another. If you get a job in Manhattan, you can move here to avoid the high cost. Using the QM16 bus can take you to Manhattan daily in 50 minutes.

Jamaica Estates

If cash isn’t a problem for you when moving to Queens, then staying in this High brow area is a good deal. There are several detached houses, great schools and excellent hotels in this place. It is one of the safest areas in Queens and is home to several wealthy people in the city.


What attracts many people to Bayside is the low property tax and crime rate. Bayside is home to some top accommodation in Queens and you can get small to average-size homes easily here. There are lots of shopping malls, clubs and companies you can work with in this place.

Why should you live in Queens?

Living in Queens comes with many pros which we will talk about below:

Homes to beautiful beaches

Queens has come off the cleanest beaches in New York. Many tourists visit this place to have a great experience. It is a major attraction to people who love the seaside and a place to relax.

It has a rich history

If you are seeking an American city with great history, then queen’s is a nice choice. The locals are always proud of their heritage and always showcase it to the world. There are regular festivals and social events which are rooted in their culture.

Attractive living conditions

This is perhaps one of the best attractions to Queens. New York is known to be notorious for its expensive lifestyle and high taxes. However, if you are seeking a place that is budget-friendly in New York, Queens is ideal. The property taxes are cheap, it is quiet, and the food is cheap.


Queens is cheaper to live in than Brooklyn in every aspect. You can get affordable houses, cheaper food, and low-cost transportation systems. There are several neighborhoods you can stay in in Queens where you can enjoy the best time of your life.