Sustainable And Chic Ways To Use Wood In Your Interior Decor Plan

When we think about building or renovating a house, we think about all the ways we can keep its natural character intact. Incorporating wooden textures in home decor pieces lends an earthy and natural vibe to your home, making it warm and welcoming. Using wood is a great idea as it can be made to look contemporary and wastage can be avoided by using wooden embellishments around the house. Here are a few ways you can make this happen. 

  1. Use Reclaimed Wood

One of the main reasons why people use wood is because of it’s good ecological impact. Reclaimed wood can be used in many different places around the house in the form of wooden sofas or as restored decorative wooden items as well. Beyond the ecological benefits, reclaimed wood is warm and full of rich detail, and any material with an organic influence helps to ground the room and provide an instant sense of calm. The look is stunningly one-of-a-kind and impossible to replicate with new materials.

  1. Add Contrast To Your Kitchen

You can create a stunning contrast by combining white painted units with natural and dark wooden furniture in your kitchen. Although this scheme could appear a little sterile, adding walnut hued rattan chairs, along with a rustic wooden table, perfectly ground the space. Don’t overlook the small details – Wooden chopping boards of different shapes leaned up against a white tiled backsplash continue the contrast and, most importantly, add warmth.

  1. Repurpose Vintage Wooden Furniture

Experts recommend blending styles in a single space since anything that gives a more unique vibe is a design win. There are a lot of the freestanding wooden pieces that we already have, like mahogany cabinets with a glass front aren’t conventional and have a great hand-crafted quality and will add a further unusual dimension to your home. You can search for antique  items like these; it’s worthwhile spending money on if you’re looking for one-of-a-kind treasures that are both gorgeous and functional. 

  1. Adding Trimmed Wooden Detailing

Another alternative that will avoid wood from getting wasted is taking the naturally trimmed wood and embedding it into your cabinets and having the drawers and doors painted in a contrasting color. This effect is especially stunning when paired with a strip that lies beneath a marble (or any lighter material). To finish the appearance, continue the wood frame around your windows. The remaining wood can also be carved and used for detailing. 

  1. Avoiding Painted Wood

Using wood naturally, with its texture and not painting it will ensure that your home remains free of chemical toxins as well as make it look more rustic and natural. Wood is the ideal antidote to sleek or painted pieces — its homely tactile qualities can quickly warm up a visually frigid layout. Leaving old beams as they are and building your home while incorporating them into your layout will make your plan more sustainable and less of a hassle. 

Wood can be used in many different ways to enliven your home. Remainder of the wooden pieces can also be used for gardening or for the beautification of your balcony. The key is to use good quality wood which has good endurance.