Who is Sherry Dyson? Details on Her Failed Marriage with Chris Gardner

Sherry Dyson and Chris Gardner were married for nine years. The couple was content with their marriage and planned to have a child together. However, when the pregnancy ended, the couple had to part ways. The former was excited about her new life as a mother, but she lost her baby during the pregnancy. Later, Dyson went on to have an extramarital affair with her new partner, Jackie Medina. As a result, she left Gardner to stay with her girlfriend and prepare herself for fatherhood.


The couple met in the 1970s. After a date at a movie theater, they met each other. The two fell in love. After some time, they got married and were living apart. Sherry stayed home, and the two dated. When their first date, Christopher shared that his phone bill once reached $900. The couple separated in 1989.

Educational Expert

Sherry Dyson married Chris Gardner in 1977. Sherry was an educational expert in mathematics. In their early marriage, the couple had no children. However, she was pregnant twice and lost both of them. In addition to that, Dyson was working as a security guard during the day and was studying at night. Sherry and Chris divorced in 1986 after three years of marriage.

Dental Student Jackie Medina

After their divorce, Gardner commenced an extramarital affair with dental student Jackie Medina. The couple was together for about five months, and she was pregnant. A few months later, Gardner left Sherry and moved with Medina. The two split in 1986 and had little contact. The divorce became final after the birth of the child. Sherry and Chris have no children together.

The couple did not have any children. Instead, Sherry had an affair with a dental student who later became pregnant. During this time, Chris was still working as a research assistant. When their relationship grew, they separated, and Sherry eventually took a job in a medical sales firm. They had no children, but she was able to meet her father.

Sherry Dyson & Chris Gardner Divorced

Sherry Dyson and Chris Gardner divorced in 1981. Sherry was a teacher in the daytime and a security guard. The two were married for nine years and divorced three years later. Although they had no children, the couple did have a child together. The two had a daughter in their late twenties. While they were dating, the two became homeless. In their youth, she slept on public toilet floors, under desks at work, and he lost his dream of becoming a doctor before her twenty-sixth birthday.

Chris Gardner and Sherry Dyson were married for three years, but they never had children. Sherry had an affair with another woman, while Chris became a security guard by day and a student during the evening. The marriage ended in 1986. Sherry was a successful businesswoman with a successful career. Sherry’s success is unmatched in her field.


Her relationship with Chris Gardner ended in divorce in 1986. They had a son on January 28, 1981. After their marriage, Chris and Sherry moved in together. She and Chris Gardner divorced in 1989 after nine years of marriage. In the first half of their relationship, she married a mathematician and a teacher. After their divorce, the couple lived together until they decided to part ways.

Final Words:

The relationship between Sherry Dyson and Chris Gardner was a distant one. After they married, Gardner began an extramarital affair with Jackie Medina and became pregnant. He also separated from Sherry. After their divorce, the two did not have much contact. However, after their divorce, she moved in with Jackie and she had a son named after Chris.