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Founded in 1994, the Trizetto Gateway Login Group, Inc. is a publicly traded healthcare IT solutions company. Its name alludes to the Italian musical term “terzetto,” which means “third.” In addition to providing healthcare IT solutions, the company also offers billing management, staffing, claims processing, and consulting services. For more information, visit This site also lists TriZetto customer reviews and testimonials.

Innovative Software & Services

In 2002, the company grew by 145 percent, reaching $265.2 million in sales. Its growth rate was eight-and-a-half times faster than the previous five-year period. The company is also uniquely positioned to enable and accelerate the convergence of benefits, care, and constituent engagement through a comprehensive suite of innovative software and services. As a result, it has helped clients improve the coordination of care by facilitating electronic claims for millions of patients.

Healthcare IT Solutions

Founded in 1997, Trizetto Gateway Login healthcare practice provides healthcare IT solutions to providers. The company’s technology products streamline the deployment of health IT solutions, enabling healthcare organizations to focus on patient care instead of managing the business of running a business. It can also communicate with various management networks and provide a single, secure platform for patients, payers, and healthcare providers. This eliminates manual tasks and saves both time and money.

In 1999, TriZetto went public, offering its services to 100 million people in the United States. With these solutions, the company focuses on improving the health of millions of people. Founded by a certified public accountant, it has achieved rapid growth in the healthcare industry. Its services are available to a wide range of industries, including medical providers, health plans, and insurance carriers. These services help clients manage costs and improve clinical outcomes.

Staffing & Billing Management Services

Founded in 1997, Trizetto Gateway Login is a provider of healthcare IT services. The company focuses on health plans, benefiting administrators, and other health care payers. The company offers IT services for healthcare providers, and also clarifies provider systems administration. Its staffing and billing management services help clients control costs. However, a third-party IT provider will be required to sign a separate contract with the company.

When implementing a new software solution, the customer will need to sign a contract with the service provider. Once the client signs the contract, he or she will be contacted by TriZetto’s representative. During the initial kick-off call, the organization will introduce itself and answer any questions that the client has. The company will send the client an Implementation Checklist, Transfer Authorization Form, and Data Collection Workbook.

TriZetto Team

Initially, a customer is contacted by the Trizetto Gateway Login team. The client is then contacted for an initial “kick off” call. The service provider will then provide a data collection workbook and an Implementation Checklist. In addition, the client will also be asked to fill out a Transfer Authorization Form. The company will provide a user guide to help the client implement the solution. After the initial kick-off call, the customer will sign a contract with the service provider.

full Service Internet Solution

During the first five years, Trizetto Gateway Login experienced a rapid growth period. It raised $8.5 million in private funding from Delphi Ventures, Fidelity Ventures, HLM/UH Fund, and KFS Management Inc. During this period, the company used the money to acquire two other companies – Health Web Systems and Creative Business Solutions. These companies both offered a full service internet solution that enabled customers to conduct business transactions around the clock.

Founded by Jeffrey H. Margolis, TriZetto offers integrated healthcare management services to help clients manage and improve their administrative processes. The company’s technology touches nearly half of the US population. It provides premier information technology solutions that help companies better coordinate benefits and care. Its customers can increase operational efficiency, improve patient care, and reduce costs. And with its unique capabilities, the company also offers IT consulting and contract administration.


Facets is the enterprise core management policy of TriZetto and offers various functionalities. Its server-based network is designed to enhance healthcare administrators’ efficiency and productivity. By utilizing the Facets application, TriZetto clients can easily integrate with the other products in the system. Its products are designed for different needs and scale. You can select the best one for your business by consulting with the team to learn more about its features here.