Dream IRL: Has George Seen Dreams Face?

One of the biggest questions fans have about George and Dream IRL is – Has George seen Dream’s face? – and what has he made of it? As the series continues, the two characters will be forced to confront the issues that plague them. And while Dream will never show his real face online, he will be revealing it to fans at the end of season one. That said, fans should not be surprised by his reaction.

Featured Minecraft Videos

George first met Dream in April 2016, when he was visiting the YouTube office. He told him about his idea to start a YouTube channel that featured Minecraft videos. He showed the irl samples of his videos and described how he wanted them to look. The irl was surprised, but seemed happy to hear that George was so excited for the project. He then invited him to help him make the videos.

Emotional Rollercoaster Ride

After the face reveal, Dream called George in real life and asked if he could meet with him. After the call, he told George that he had to sort himself out, but he was going to meet his fans before he can reveal his face. After all, Dream is in the middle of filming the content and plotting the reveal. It was quite the emotional rollercoaster ride for Dream and George.

Film Videos Together

The Minecraft star was born in Boston, but he hid his face for years before he revealed himself on YouTube. This was a big surprise for George, and he began to fall for him. After all, he had never seen Dream’s face before, and it was hard to stop loving him. But when Dream showed himself, he melted his heart. He also invited George to a cabin retreat where he and Dream would film videos together.

Minecraft Channel

Recently, Dream irl has been attempting to hide his true identity. The first time they met was in April 2016 when George met him in his San Francisco office. At the time, he told his dream irl that he wanted to create a Minecraft channel on YouTube. He showed him examples of Minecraft videos and how he wanted the channel to look. At that point, Dream smiled and asked George to make videos with him.

George’s Office

In April 2016, Dream visited George’s office in San Francisco. He told him he wanted to create a YouTube channel based on Minecraft. After a long time of conversation, George showed the Dream irl the samples of his Minecraft videos and explained that he wanted to make a channel with the game. Then he told him that he had a vision of creating a Minecraft channel, but he hadn’t seen his face yet. Then, he had an idea!

Although Dream doesn’t have a real face, he’s had a face reveal for his fans on YouTube over the past year. As of now, his face hasn’t been shown in public yet, but he is planning the reveal with the help of his closest friends. Currently, the two are preparing for a getaway to a cabin in the mountains with his closest friends.

Few Sample Videos

Has George met his Dream irl? In April 2016, Dream visited George’s San Francisco office and told him he wanted to create a YouTube channel based on Minecraft. He also showed him a few sample videos and a sketch of what he wanted the videos to look like. After a few minutes, George and the Dream irl became friends and they decided to plan the face reveal.


After years of waiting for a face reveal, Dream decides to give the fans something to look forward to: a video game. The game has many twists and turns, but the best way to experience the game is to download it and play it yourself. There are a few videos that are already available to watch, so don’t miss them! While you’re here, make sure to check out the latest updates and videos here.