Trending Ugly Cartoon Characters You Should Know

Are you familiar with all the current ugly cartoon characters? If not, you should. You may have heard of Olive Oyl, Peppermint Patty, Dr. Brain Two, Wile E. Coyote, and many more! Let’s take a look at some of these characters and learn what makes them so dreaded. These cartoons have become a cult classic, and are now being adapted for the big screen.

Interesting Villain to Mock

Although many children find ugly cartoon characters funny, there are some that are genuinely scary. One of these characters is Olive Oyl, a toothless, pig-headed character from the Nickelodeon animated series. Although he’s pretty ugly, his attitude is the reason why he is considered to be ugly. Whether it’s his big, grey eyes or his unkempt hair, he is certainly an interesting villain to mock.

While the original Olive Oyl was a damsel-in-distress who was saved by her oafish cousin Popeye, the character was redesigned to be much more self-centered and vain. She had to be saved by Popeye most of the time, but a few shorts featured her acting like a scrapper. In addition to her overly-long hair and short, unattractive features, Olive Oyl is very tall, and her limbs and feet are rubbery.

Peppermint Patty

You may be asking yourself, “Why is Peppermint Patty so annoying?” After all, it’s not his fault that he has an ugly face! But if he has a big asymmetrical nose, it doesn’t mean he’s ugly. On the contrary, his huge nose makes him a real troublemaker. The character also doesn’t listen very well, which makes him very difficult to get along with.

Peppermint Patty is a fictional character from the cartoon “Trolls” series. The character has a big, uneven nose and isn’t very obedient. She’s also a complete prostitute and doesn’t listen well to anyone. This obnoxious character is a part of the trending ugly cartoon characters you should know.

Most Hated Character

As the name implies, Dr. Brain Two is an ugly man. He wears many hats, including that of cheese pillager, mad scientist, and criminal. He will even transform buildings just to get his hands on cheese! Despite his many bad habits, Dr. Brain Two is also one of the cutest cartoon characters you’ll ever see. And thanks to his quirky voice, he’s a lot of fun to watch!

While Dr. Brain Two is probably the most Ugly Cartoon Characters on this list, you can’t help but laugh at him! His obnoxious nose and obsession with cheese make him one of the most hilarious cartoons to watch with your kids. His cheese collecting techniques are hilarious and entertaining for both adults and children. Also on the list are Peppermint Patty and Peppermint Pancake, two cartoon characters with terrible personalities and big noses.

Wile E. Coyote

You might have heard of Mr. Coyote before, but you might not be aware of his true character. Known for his unfashionable haircut and big eyes, this character is not only an Ugly Cartoon Characters but also one of the most annoying. Despite his emaciated physical appearance, this character is incredibly popular with children, and his cartoons have been widely distributed.

Rocky and Bullwinkle, which have been on television for over three decades, are two cartoons who fight each other because they’re both ugly. It’s a good thing both cartoons are unattractive if that’s what makes them so endearing. Rocky and Bullwinkle, otherwise known as Rocky and His Friends, are widely considered the best animated cartoon show on American television. If you’re going to watch it, make sure you have a good connection, such as MetroNet.

Hebert the Pervert

If you enjoy watching animated television, you probably know about Ren & Stimpy. Both characters are slow-witted but very sensitive, which makes them both perfect for portraying a sense of insanity. If you haven’t seen Ren & Stimpy, you should check out the popular series. Both characters are utterly ridiculous, and they’re a great way to make your kids laugh. Herbert the pervert, on the other hand, is an older cartoon character. He was created by Mike Henry and Jonh Kricfalusi.


In the world of animation, cartoons have always been popular. Some are cute, while others are downright ugly. While these cartoons have been popular with children for years, they’ve also provided hours of entertainment for adults. Hebert the Pervert is one of the trending ugly cartoon characters you should know. His spiky hair and big eyes make him look very ugly. read more