Spc Deweese Who Was Killed in the Blast in Baghdad

The loss of SPC Deweese, a West Virginia native who served in the U.S. Marine Corps, has heightened the humanitarian crisis in Iraq. His death was the first reported death from the incident. His family said that he was a hard worker who loved the outdoors and playing baseball. He received several awards for his service and aqlso was soon to retire as a Sargent Major.

Outdoors & Enjoyed Fishing

Deweese was a member of the United States Marine Corps. His was 22 years old and had been on tour in Iraq for a year. He was part of a platoon that trained Iraqi police officers. His loved the outdoors and also enjoyed fishing. He was also an avid New York Yankees fan.

Deweese was from Putnam County, West Virginia. His graduated from Poca High School in 1984. His was a member of the Marine Corps and a lifelong Marine. He served in Iraq and also Germany. He was a driver for a platoon that was training Iraqi police. His death has compounded the humanitarian crisis in Iraq.

Hobbies Included Fishing

David Deweeses served his country in the Marine Corps for nearly four years. He was stationed in Iraq for a year and was a member of a platoon that helped train Iraqi police. His hobbies included fishing, hunting, and also working in his yard. He had many awards to his credit, including a Purple Heart for his service.

SPC Roy Deweese was killed in a roadside bomb in Baghdad, Iraq, on April 17, 2007. His had served in Vietnam as a Marine and also had been awarded the Purple Heart and also the Navy Commendation Medal with Combat “V” award. He was also a die-hard Yankees and also Notre Dame fan. His served in Iraq for a year as a Humvee driver. He loved to fish and was a huge New York Yankees fan.

Attacked by Roadside Bombs

Spc Deweese was a West Virginia native. His graduated from Poca High School in 1984. After serving in the Marines for almost four decades, he was promoted to sergeant major and also received multiple medals for his service. He was killed while training Iraqi police in a Humvee that was attacked by roadside bombs.

The Humvee is a four-wheel drive military vehicle with waterproof electronics. It is often used by the Marine Corps for a wide range of missions. Its high ground clearance and also waterproof electronics make it ideal for use in the battlefield. Spc Deweese was an avid New York Yankees fan and also enjoyed yard work. His family will cherish the memory of their loved one.

Training Iraqi Police

Steve Dewees a Marine, was kill by a roadside bomb in Iraq. He was 22 years old and also also was a Humvee driver. His platoon was training Iraqi police officers when the blast struck. His death is a tragedy that will only compound the humanitarian crisis in Iraq.

His served in the Marine Corps for over a year, as a Humvee driver with the 26th Infantry Regiment. He had recently been assign to a platoon that was train Iraqi police. He also enjoyed fishing. In addition to hicombat role he serve alongside Schweinfurt’s 1st Battalion, and also his unit was deplo in the Adhamiyah neighborhood, where he and his comrades were training Iraqi police officers.

Non-Commissioned Officer

The Humvee is a light, four-wheel-drive military vehicle first used during the Vietnam War. They are lightweight and also can operate in all types of terrain. Deweese was a Humvee driver for a year, and enjoyed playing baseball and fishing. He also won a Non-commissioned Officer of the Year award for his service.

The bombing in Baghdad has left a number of soldiers dead, including Staff Sgt. Dan Parker. His was a 23-year-old Saucier resident who had joined the National Guard in November 2000. He had graduated from Harrison Central High School and also received an Army Achievement Award. He was marri and also had a young son.

Last Words:

Parker, who was assign to the Mississi Army National Guard, was kill along with three other Mississippi soldiers in a blast in Iraq. The soldiers were part of the 155th Brigade Combat Team. They had trained at Camp Shelby near Hattiesburg. One of the soldiers, Private First Class Bryan Barron, had deployed to Iraq in January. He cherished serving his country read more.