D2l Arizona Access Troubleshooting For Students Knowledge

The D2l Arizona Access Troubleshooting for students article will provide some possible solutions to students who are not seeing their grades in the D2L Gradebook. In addition, this article will show how to change the due date, gradebook category, and names of course assignments.

Macmillan Course Grades

If you’re not seeing grades in D2L Access, there are a few possible fixes. First, you need to check whether your Macmillan course grades are syncing. If they aren’t, you might have a problem with a pop-up blocker.

There have been a number of outages, but D2L reports that they are now up and running. The most recent problem affected students with the role of TA. Students who are unable to view course modules can try downloading them to view them offline. You can also try logging in with a different browser. However, you’ll still have to wait a few hours before you see your grades.

Duplicated Columns

Then, check the Macmillan gradebook. If the item is not listed, it’s not imported. It’s possible that the Macmillan gradebook’s columns were duplicated while importing. The duplicated columns don’t sync with grades, but deleting them will get rid of the error. Once the correct column is back, run a grade refresh. In the meantime, you can still export the grades to Excel or other spreadsheets.

Another possible fix is to hide the discussion topics or forums. You can do this by changing the settings in the D2L Discussions. You can hide these settings under Availability and Hide this forum or topic. However, you should also check your D2L course content settings. You can also contact professors to find out more about the content of the course.

Dates & Conditions

When you create a new assignment, you can set the category and name of the assignment. If you choose the wrong category, the assignment will not appear in the gradebook. To change this, click the grade category in the Gradebook drop-down menu. The name of the assignment will be changed accordingly. You can also add a due date and instructions. Similarly, you can also change the grade item’s availability dates and conditions.

The Enter Grades screen allows you to input grades and notes in text. There’s also a Feedback option that lets you write text feedback to students, or you can enter a private comment. You can also select the “Grade by Student” option to assign multiple grades to one student. This option will show all assignments for that student, so you can change their grade accordingly.

Distribute Points

Gradebooks can be configured in D2L by selecting categories and grading criteria. In the Gradebook, you can assign points and due dates to assessments. Gradebooks can also be configured to require a minimum score for credit. You can set a low score for the assignment, or set it to 0. Otherwise, the gradebook will show “NC” (No Credit). There are also two options for weighting. You can distribute the weights based on points or evenly across all the items. Unless you are using a points-based gradebook, you should not select the ‘Distribute Points’ option.

Editing Assignments

Another option for editing assignments is to create a new group. Groups can be created in the Assignments or Discussions areas. In addition, you can assign a leader to the group. This can help you control which students are assigned to which groups.

In D2L, you can give special access to certain users. You can also set different due dates and availability dates for the special access users. For more information, refer to the D2L Quick Guide. Once you have set up special access, students will have special access to the course assignments.

Special Accommodations

You can also give students special access to specific sections of a course or to individual assignments. This feature can be used for students who have disabilities and require special accommodations to complete a course. For example, if a student missed an assignment, he or she can be granted special access to the assignment.

If your students need extra time to complete a quiz, you can set up the quiz to give them more time than the original deadline. However, you should consider whether to allow them to continue working after the grace period is up. The settings that you change will be reflected on the “Restrictions” tab.

Last Words:

While D2L offers a lot of flexibility for course design, students with disabilities and assistive technologies can find the environment intimidating. To assist these students, give them special access to the course through Course Home. In addition, you can send out an announcement with your contact information or a note encouraging them to contact you if they have questions read more.