Glitter material glitter identification method 

When it comes to glitter, many people don’t know the term very well, but when it comes to glitter, everyone can immediately react to what it is. 

Especially in the nail industry is very common. The glitter in the light will also become morebeautiful. In fact, it will glitter is a common decorative material that can help many products toenhance the value of the face. Next galglitter glitter manufacturers introduce how to identify aglitter. 

1, high brightness: from the surface brightness to identify, high-quality glitter of high flash, high

brightness, and mirror effect is obvious. 

2, shape to one: quality glitter, look at the shape of glitter under the microscope, the shape of therule of one, a standard hexagonal, there are no size discrepancies and powder. 

3, strong acid and alkali resistance: high-quality glitter, long-term immersion in strong acid andstrong alkali liquid, to maintain the colorful. 

4, high-temperature resistance: can be steamed in the way, glitter in the high temperature after steaming without fading or partial fading is the top quality. This method is mostly used to identify glitter used for gold onion glue and nail polish. 

In fact, the glitter color on the market is very much, according to your needs to want what kindof color, basically can meet you, glitter and the combination of very thing is very beautiful, in thelight and sunlight is very dreamy. 

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Glitter is the kind of shiny product, and I believe that we all know it! The effect of its use in our lives will also bring help to consumers, making our lives better and the surrounding environment better. 

Glitter can also be used in the hair, and I guess many people will feel quite new to hear, in fact, inwedding celebrations, birthday parties, stage makeup, and other various occasions will use glitter, colored gold powder, sequins glitter, hair glitter powder, and other glitter series products to get abetter visual effect and add to the party atmosphere. 

Glitter, commonly known as glitter, gold and silver flakes, gold and silver powder, gold powder, silver powder, or glitter, glitter powder, is made of fine brightness of different thicknesses of electro-coated materials by precision cutting. Its raw materials are PET, PVC, OPP, metal aluminum, laser material, etc. The use of gold onion glitter is universal, and there are two general types, respectively, hexagonal and quadrangular. The color has gold, silver, red, green, blue, sevencolors, illusion, laser, etc.