Did Dream IRL Catfish his Fans with a Face Reveal?

On Twitter, one person claimed to have found a photo of Dream that showed a body double. Another said that Dream uses his brother as a “body double.” However, Dream’s fans weren’t convinced. Many people questioned whether Dream was actually real and wished him well. Some were even angry and worried about the YouTuber’s mental health. It’s not clear how he managed to make this mistake, but it’s a risky game to play.

Commentator Channels

The first response to the problem was a tweet by Dreams himself. He said he’s disappointed with John Swan and the various commentator channels. He also said he won’t talk about the matter. Then, on his private Twitter, he posted the ‘face reveal’ photo. The picture was a computer-generated photo of an unidentified man.

The second response came from the Twitter user DeltaNinja. Apparently, Dream bought the account in January 2019. In a tweet, Dream made sure to explain the purchase in his terms of service. The other person who owns the account was DeltaNinja, not the original Dream. Later, two other users who claimed to be his family defended him. The latter tweeted that the photo wasn’t him.

Real Face of Dream

Despite the controversy, Dream’s tweet has been the most widely shared among YouTubers. His controversial post is a revealing glimpse into his life. His followers are eager to see the real face of Dream. The fact that he bought the account, however, doesn’t mean that he’s lying or attempting to hide anything from his fans. It’s a clear indication that he’s dishonest, and will eventually give up on his mysterious actions.

The original comment was posted on Twitter by John Swan. He acted as a ‘disguised’ version of himself. In the tweet, Dream claimed to be John Swan. The other person, DeltaNinja, was another person. The tweet posed a serious problem for the original account. Although the real DeltaNinja account was used, it was still linked to the ‘Dream’ name.

Fat-Phobic Followers

Several sources have claimed that Dreams irl catfished his fans with a face reveal. While the real Dream hasn’t revealed his identity publicly, some fans believe that he did it to appease his fat-phobic followers. Some believe he’s not a real person, but his real identity is still unknown to the public. It isn’t known if he’ll reveal it.

John Swan’s Tweet

In the comments of John Swan’s tweet, Dream’s face was revealed, but his identity remains a mystery. The YouTuber’s name was sold to another person, who claimed he was Dream. According to him, the username was used in 2015, but he later changed it back. Regardless of the circumstances, the rumors continue to persist. In the meantime, YouTubers are angry and confused.


In a tweet, Dreams referred to Twitter as “ridiculous,” urging followers to spread positivity. He kept things light-hearted on his private Twitter. The ‘face reveal’ announcement, however, was an attempt to frighten his fans, who were hoping for the real Dream to reveal his true identity. The sign was replaced with an image of a random man, which was posted on December 31, 2020.

Despite these criticisms, Dreams himself responded to the outrage and anger of his fans on Twitter. He also said that he is disappointed with John Swan’s tweets and all commentary channels. But the tweets are still upsetting him, and Dream has vowed to never reveal his face again. This is his way of saying he wants to stay away from the Internet.


A recent controversy erupted on Twitter when a fan posted a photo of Dream with a smiley face. A commenter on the site claimed to be “Dreams.” But, the tweet did not contain any photos of Dream. The picture of Dream was removed from the comment. Ultimately, it is unclear if the tweets are fake or real here.