What is the Connection Between Justin Goldsby & Avis Goldsby

There is a connection between Shane, Avis, and Justin Goldsby. While their names are very similar, they have different family ties. The first is from Canada and the second is from the United States. They both met at a party and were attracted to each other. They also had a similar interest in the same movie.

Successful Businessmen

Niecko, Justin and Avis Goldsby are the famous children of Niecko and Avis Goldsby. All three are successful businessmen and have been in the spotlight for their accomplishments. Despite being a part of the spotlight, none of them has talked publicly about the incident.

Goldsby has served a total of three years in prison for the killing of Munger. His sentence was originally 33 years, but the prosecution and defense negotiated a reduction to 25 years. He admitted to beating Munger while in prison, and apologised to the victim’s family. He grew up in an abusive home and had an addiction to drugs.

Washington Department

The Washington Department of Corrections is currently investigating the incident. According to the investigation, both men were put in the same cell, but neither had any prior knowledge of each other. The prison’s cellmate policy states that no prisoners may share a cell with anyone. The Washington State Department of Corrections is cooperating with law enforcement in the criminal matter.

Justin Goldsby was a victim of abuse as a child and spent several years in foster care. He was later arrested and convicted of raping a young girl. He was sentenced to more than three years in prison. Goldsby, now 22, has since apologized to the victim’s family and is serving his time in a state prison.

Rescued by Child Services

He was raised by foster parents and was rescued by child services when he was a child. He began using drugs and eventually turned to a life of crime. Upon his release, Goldsby pleaded guilty to murdering Munger. He had just served a sentence for rape and child molestation and had been sentenced to another 24 years. Despite the plea deal, he was arrested three days later.

Goldsby was a former inmate at the Airway Heights Correctional Center in Washington state. He was transferred several times due to his violent behavior. In fact, Goldsby had more than 20 fights during his time at the Airway Heights Correctional Center. He was paired with Munger as cellmates at this facility.

Exchanging Words And Punches

Avis Goldsby was murdered by her brother, Justin Goldsby. The two were living in Kansas City’s Blue Hills neighborhood. A woman confronted them and they began arguing. They ended up exchanging words and punches. The woman eventually died three days later.

Goldsby had spent years in foster care in Washington state. He was previously charged with raping a girl and stabbing another girl. However, in December 2019, he was convicted of murder. During the sentencing process, he apologized to the Munger family and was transferred to the Airway Heights prison in Washington state.

Transferred to Another Prison

He was 18 years old at the time of the shooting. He was in the same cell with Munger, and had been in fighting with the inmate since last year. Prison policy does not allow people to share cells with the same inmates. Goldsby reportedly attacked Munger from behind in a common area. He punched him 14 times and kicked him in the head several times. He was later transferred to another prison.

The Goldsby family is known for having some famous members. Among the most notable are Justin Goldsby, a successful businessman, and his two children, Avis and Niecko. However, the Goldsbys’ lives are not as smooth as their parents’. They have faced some scandals and accusations, and some have gone to jail for crimes they didn’t commit. Fortunately, their story is not yet complete.


Justin Goldsby and Avis Goldsby have a long history of criminal behavior. They’ve been in and out of prison for different crimes, including stealing a police car, abusing a police officer, and being in more than twenty altercations with correctional officers. They were transferred to the Airway Heights Correctional Center in June of 2020. In court, Goldsby said that he did not intend to hurt Munger and did not know him until they got into a car read more.