Point of Care CNA Charting: How Does Point Click Care Work?

How does point-click-care-charting work? A POC application lets you document multiple occurrences during a shift. It allows you to add and strike entries, record time, and document ADLs accurately. ADLs are a critical component of PDPM scoring. One-point difference in an ADL score can cost you $10 to $40 per day and per resident.

Medication Details & Schedule Online

POC software manages all the information for every patient. The system allows you to view a patient’s ADLs, medication details, and schedule online. Then, you can review the records anytime and anywhere, which is crucial in providing quality care. Using POC makes it easy to keep track of a resident’s progress and prevents mistakes. Plus, it ensures that you get full reimbursement from Medicare and Medicaid when you chart.

Innovative Online Network Software

POC’s innovative online network software helps you manage all patient information. You can access your patients’ records from anywhere, including your home. You can view medical reports and medication details, and access patient schedules from anywhere. You can monitor residents in any facility and be notified of any changes, so that your staff can respond quickly and effectively. This solution also eliminates the need for end-of-shift charting, ensuring that you are paid properly for every service rendered.

The point of care CNA charting system connects all the information in one place. Its innovative software lets you access and update patient information from any location. Moreover, the software allows you to see your patient’s ADLs, medications, and online schedules from anywhere. The system also provides you with a mobile app, which you can access from anywhere.

Network of Software

The system is a network of software that manages patient data. The software allows your staff to review any patient’s information and chart it in real-time. Its built-in links help you track additional data. The system is also convenient for patients and staff, making it a great choice for your practice. Once you’ve set up your account, you’ll have instant access to your patients’ medical information.

View Resident’s Data

POC CNA Charting allows you to view a resident’s data at any time. It gives you access to their medical reports and medication details. The software even allows you to create and access a patient’s schedule online. The system will alert you to any changes in the patient’s condition and inform you of the situation. It also makes tracking more efficient for the staff.

Patient’s Health Information

With POC, all patient data can be easily tracked with ease. Its built-in links allow staff and patients to see a patient’s health information at any time. In addition, it can alert your staff of a resident’s condition and alert them if there’s a problem. The POC software can also be used for monitoring the patient’s vitals.

The POC allows you to chart all the information a patient needs. It gives staff and caregivers access to a patient’s medical records and reports. With the POC, your staff can also monitor the health of residents from any location. Its easy to use interface makes it an ideal choice for busy care settings. The software has a variety of features that make it easier to work with all the necessary patient information.

Information of Patient

With the POC, you can manage all of the information of a patient with ease. The system is a network of software that keeps track of patient information. Users can access medical reports, medication details, and online schedules, and share it with the entire team. The software can also manage the medical records of a resident. This means that the staff can be productive when they are away from the care area.

Final Words:

NetSolutions POC is a user-friendly system that allows for a caregiver to record the required items for a specific patient. The software is user-friendly, which makes it a convenient tool for your care team. It also allows for real-time documentation, making it easy to document patient data. In addition, you can choose between black-and-white or color-coded notes to read more.