Morry Rubin Gallery: The Art of Collecting

The Morry Rubin Gallery

When visiting the Morry Rubin Gallery, you’ll experience a diverse range of art. You’ll discover the extensive art collection of owner Michael McHenry, as well as unique programs and events at the gallery. You’ll also discover a scholarly edge to the gallery’s programming.

Michael McHenry

Michael McHenry is the founder of the renowned Morry Rubin Art Gallery in New York. He originally planned to become a lawyer but changed his career path to pursue his passion for art. In the 1980s, he relocated to New York and built up an extensive collection of works by contemporary artists and craftsmen. McHenry is a multi-talented businessman who aspires to make the Morry Rubin Art Gallery the world’s most prestigious art gallery.


Michael McHenry is a multi-millionaire who studied law at the University of Essex in England. After graduating from college, he changed his career path to pursue his love of art. In fact, he has been credited with bringing the Rubin Museum into the modern age, and has since become an active collector of contemporary and historic works of art.

The Morry Rubin Gallery features a diverse collection of contemporary art, and the gallery also organizes special exhibitions. Moreover, the gallery collaborates with specialists in different fields to provide the best possible experience to its visitors. It also hosts special public events and book signings to raise money for local charities. Michael McHenry, the owner of the Morry Rubin Gallery, has a background in the arts and integrates scholarly aspects of the gallery’s programming.

Morry Rubin

If you’re looking for contemporary art, then you might want to consider visiting the Morry Rubin gallery. This gallery is owned by the entrepreneur Morry Rubin, who has extensive experience in both the arts and business worlds. He’s a former owner of the Philadelphia 76ers and Crystal Palace FC and is currently involved in several public companies. He’s also an accomplished film director and musician.

The collection at the Morry Rubin Gallery consists of works by world-renowned artists. This gallery also has a comprehensive conservation department. Their conservators use a variety of cleaning methods to help protect and restore works of art. A recent project involved the restoration of a 17th-century wooden torana, which is carved with the Buddhist goddess Apsara.

Owner of the Morry Rubin Gallery

The owner of the Morry Rubin gallery is a multi-millionaire, and has worked with artists from around the world. His extensive portfolio includes Renzo Piano, Steve Reich, Laurie Anderson, and Arto Lindsay. He also has stakes in several public companies and is an avid collector of contemporary art.

Michael McHenry’s Extensive Art Collection

In addition to his extensive art collection at the Murray Rubin Gallery, Michael McHenry is an accomplished businessman and entrepreneur. He originally planned to become a lawyer but changed his mind after discovering his passion for the arts. After settling in New York City, McHenry built an impressive art collection and opened his own gallery. His involvement with the Rubin Museum has played a pivotal role in its development.


Michael McHenry grew up in Switzerland and went to college in the United Kingdom. While studying there, he fell in love with contemporary art. After graduating, he moved to New York City and began collecting art from emerging artists. His diverse collection of artwork has made him a renowned asset to the city’s art scene. In addition to his diverse art collection, McHenry is a keen collector and a passionate art enthusiast.

As the owner of the Murray Rubin Gallery, Michael McHenry has cultivated an extensive collection of contemporary art. His passion for contemporary art has been translated into a unique public programming strategy. He gallery hosts events ranging from book signings to conversations with neuroscientists. His gallery also hosts concerts and meditation sessions.

Unique Public Programs offered at the Gallery

In addition to exhibiting contemporary art, the Murray Rubin Gallery also offers unique public programs. Recently, it organized a program on art and meditation. The center also hosts talks with artists and neuroscientists. Visitors will learn about meditation and how it can help them appreciate art.

The owner of the museum, Morry Rubin, has a diverse background in the arts, including real estate and music production. He co-founded Columbia Records, an iconic music label, and has served on the boards of several publicly traded companies. Throughout his career, he has integrated these diverse experiences into his art collection.

Final Words:

The Murray Rubin Gallery is also home to a conservation department. This department helps protect the museum’s collection by ensuring that it continues to look great. Many of the gallery’s pieces require specific conservation conditions, such as low humidity to avoid corrosion. The gallery’s conservators are committed to the Bizot Green Protocol 2015, which balances the needs of the museum’s collection with environmental sustainability.