Fashion Nova Responds to Huge Growth With New All-Star Customer Service Portal

Fashion Nova is experiencing even more growth than ever before as the brand’s bang on trend and affordable fashions continue to sell out as soon as they hit the website.

With some of the most popular influencers out there singing the praises of the garments, it seems customers just can’t get enough and Fashion Nova has responded by ensuring that the already excellent customer service portal has been updated and improved to an even more impressive level of service.

Fashion Nova has always put the customer experience first and in fact it was a deep awareness of what its demographic wanted but couldn’t get, that started the company out on the road to success.

The company was founded in 2006 by CEO Richard Saghian who began his career with employment at his family’s fashion boutique in Los Angeles.

The first Fashion Nova store was opened in Panorama City, Los Angeles in the Panorama Mall. It’s inexpensive club-wear was an instant hit with the locals and people began to travel from outside of the area just to visit the store which had a growing reputation for affordability and on-trend styles.

The e-commerce website was launched in 2013 to rave reviews and the company went from great to legendary in a matter of months.

Well-known for their viral tweets and SMS messages, Fashion Nova have also built their reputation with celebrity partnerships and with their unique relationship with social media.

The first to utilise their own followers as influencers, Fashion Nova’s out-of-the-box take on marketing worked and it worked well.

What’s Fashion Nova’s secret?

The brand was born of a need for affordable, fashionable club wear and in answering that demand, Fashion Nova created a giant. No other fashion brands were fulfilling that particular demographic’s desire for sexy, upfront and flattering clothing to fit all body types.

By appealing to a particular market, Fashion Nova have quickly cemented their brand in the minds of a generation and with a super-coordinated internal structure, Fashion Nova was able to  fulfil orders quickly and accurately.

Brand new customer service portal

Since those early days, Fashion Nova’s customer service portal has expanded and grown with the company and a brand new customer service portal has been launched to cope with the ever-increasing demands their huge audience places on the teams at their factories, head offices and distribution centers.

The new customer service portal is stellar; it’s an outstanding addition to the already highly functioning brand and serves to ensure customers get their orders when they need them – we all know there’s nothing worse than waiting for a special item to arrive in time for a certain event or night out! Well, watching the door for the delivery guy needn’t take up weeks any longer – not with Fashion Nova on the case!

The new customer service portal at Fashion Nova also serves to address any issues with clothing which needs to be returned due to sizing issues.

Speedy service, ready-to-go-return labels and 60 days to return items

More staff, faster technology and swifter responses than ever mean that customers rarely need to wait in line to speak to a customer service representative.

Fashion Nova understand that it’s not always easy for customers to return items purchased online so they go all out to make it easy for them.

By offering low-cost return labels, Fashion Nova makes it super-simple for customers to return items which don’t fit.

In the rare cases where customers receive defective items, Fashion Nova provides a dedicated team to deal with these issues and there’s a simple online form to fill in to ensure a refund is possible where necessary.

There’s also a generous 60-day returns policy, so if life gets in the way as it sometimes does, you’ve still got plenty of time to return that dress which doesn’t quite fit!

 The 5 star reviews are rolling in

At the time of writing, the 5 star reviews for Fashion Nova were rolling in too fast to keep track of – but here are a few samples to show just how the new customer service portal is working out!

Deborah Douglas

“Super sexy clothes and wonderful about returns etc.”

Breannie Cuello

“Their shipping is so fast and worth the price!”

Vanessa Flores

“I am so happy with Fashion Nova they are always on time with their products, everything always fits perfect I can’t wait for my upcoming purchase !!💖 LOVE YA!!! Want to model for your website.”

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Lleana Alfonso

I love ❤️ you fashion nova

“The thing I love the most is that clothes are true to size and colors exactly as the pics.”

These 5 star reviews and the hundreds like them show that FashionNova truly knows their audience and they know them very well.

What matters to Fashion Nova fans is affordable, sexy fashion that’s bang on trend. that arrives on time and fits like a glove!

Fashion Nova are well aware of what matters to their audience and they take great care to ensure they provide it, along with helpful, caring customer service.

With a new customer service portal that only improves on the customer experience even further, Fashion Nova just can’t go wrong!