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If you have ever wondered if there’s any Dream fanart out there, you’ve come to the right place. The American YouTube vlogger and Minecraft streamer recently held a fanart competition to find the perfect profile picture for the popular boy band. The contest asked fans to submit a wide range of realistic-looking, creative art featuring Dream. Fans responded in droves and Dream shared some of the winning entries. You’ll find tons of fanart below, and you’ll be sure to find some new inspiration in these galleries.

Dream is an American YouTube vlogger

Dream is an American YouTube vlogger who has garnered millions of subscribers. Although he was not active on YouTube in 2014, he has remained consistent since then. In fact, a 2021 survey by SurveyMonkey found that 59.7% of the respondents considered him to be a “Favorite” while 22.1% deemed him to be “Unfavorite”. He was doxed on January 1 by fans, but later addressed the controversy and denied the accusations made by a former girlfriend.

The alleged doxxing was uncovered by Dream’s fan account, @defnoodles. The account allegedly leaked private information about Dream. After Dream found out about the account, it removed everything it had posted and changed its name to “ok ok im done.” The alleged doxxing spread the rumor that Dream had committed suicide, but this was later proved to be untrue. Dream has since written an explanation to fans via TwitLonger.

He is a Minecraft streamer

If you’ve ever wondered how to attract followers, a popular Minecraft streamer, or another video game personality, you might have seen one of the many examples of fanart. One example is the Dream logo. Rather than drawing a picture of a Minecraft streamer’s face, fanart shows a character’s logo. Whether a Minecraft character is a cactus or a rabbit, fanart can be a unique and entertaining way to engage fans.

One of the most popular examples of fan art is a video created by left-leaning Minecraft streamer Hasan Piker, who discovered a video by Minecraft megastar Dream on the subreddit r/Livestreamfail. The r/Livestreamfail subreddit is notorious for its reaction-style content, and Piker found Dream’s video in a thread on r/Livestreamfail, a Twitch-focused subreddit. Dunkey, who has been featured on the stream, made the video after Dream’s comment.

He likes Beyonce Knowles

Dream Fanart is a YouTuber who has gained fame with his videos, including He Cakes and David After Dentist. He is known for making strange faces during his videos, and has 3 YouTube channels, with the most popular being DreamTV1. As of 2017, his main channel has over six million subscribers. He is friends with many other YouTubers, and recently uploaded his 100th Q&A video to celebrate his channel’s one million subscribers.

His net worth is estimated at 2 million dollars as of 2018, based on the amount of advertising he makes from his videos and from touring. His income from YouTube monetization has earned him about $150 thousand so far in 2017. The artist’s personal wiki page does not disclose how much money He makes, but he is believed to make between three and five million dollars per year. His earnings are small, but he has plenty of fan art to keep him occupied.

He doesn’t care if people ship him

Dream Fanart is cool with Obsessive Shipping. It doesn’t matter what people call it as long as it isn’t disrespectful to Dream’s image. Dream’s fans don’t even have to ask him if they should ship him or not. In fact, Dream has even publicly stated that he doesn’t mind, but that it’s up to you. If you ship Dream, you should respect his boundaries.

Dream doesn’t care if people ship him. If you don’t care whether it’s NSFW or not, it’s totally fine. Dream has made it very clear that he doesn’t want minors to engage in NSFW behavior. But he doesn’t care if he’s being shipped by a minor. That’s just the way the Internet works.

He doesn’t mind if people reupload his content

Unlike the septiplier truthers who are always trying to get everyone to stop posting his fanart, Dream hasn’t minded people reuploading his content, and he’s even fine with it! If you reupload his art, it’s completely okay with him, but it’s a good idea to be respectful of his boundaries.

Final Words:

The fandom of Dream is huge and dedicated, and it shows. There are literally tens of millions of people who are fans of the character. Some even have obsessive tendencies. In fact, the community believes that Dream is the alter ego of George. As a result, the content of Dream Fanart involving Dream is usually very offensive and even controversial.