A Closer Look at Justin Goldsby

During his youth, Justin Goldsby was placed in foster care. He was eventually adopted by a family, and his biological mother reconnected with him when he was 22. But he did not have a happy childhood and soon found himself convicted of drug and violent crimes. As of now, he is expected to be transferred to a new jail in June, Airway Heights Correctional Center.

Justin Goldsby’s Troubled Past

While Goldsby has a long criminal past, his family maintains that he is innocent. Following his trial, he was transferred to Airway Heights Prison where he completed an inmate reform program. After his release, he will be required to pay restitution to the Munger family. In addition to his lengthy criminal past, Goldsby has a troubled relationship with women. His past includes abuse, drug addiction, and other crimes.

Goldsby was abused as a child and spent years in foster care. He later reconnected with his biological mother, which led to his arrest at age 22. In prison, Goldsby abused drugs and was diagnosed with gangrene, a condition in which the body starts to rot. During the sentencing hearing, he apologized to the victim’s family and said that he regretted his actions.

Drug-Addicted Mother

While a child, Justin Goldsby suffered abuse from his drug-addicted mother, placing him in 10 foster homes before he was adopted. When Goldsby reached adulthood, he was reunited with his biological mother, but soon began abusing drugs again. The relationship between Goldsby and his mother escalated, leading to his arrest for stealing a police car and leading multiple police agencies on a high-speed chase. He was convicted of the crimes and sent to prison.

Goldsby has apologized to the victim’s family. He has vowed to do better in the future and has expressed his regret over his actions. After his arrest, he has apologized to the victims’ family and apologized for his actions.

Foster Mother

Justin Goldsby was abused by his foster mother, who was a drug addict. After Goldsby was taken into care by foster parents, he grew to love drugs and eventually committed murder. He and his sister Avis confronted a woman at a prison and punched her fourteen times in the head and body, and she died three days later from her injuries. They fought for a long time, exchanging words and punches until Goldsby beat her to death.

Goldsby was abused by his foster mother, and he spent years in foster care. He was raped at a young age, and later stabbed a boy. After his adoption, his foster mother reconnected with him, and he began abusing drugs. After being arrested for drug possession, Goldsby and his mother continued to abuse drugs. Eventually, they were transferred to a prison where he spent four and a half years.


Justin Goldsby’s history is not a pretty one. He’s a convicted felon with a history of crime. He’s raped his younger sister and committed other crimes as well. His birth mother was an addict, and he spent years in foster care. After being convicted of raping his sister, Justin was transferred to the Airway Heights Correctional Center in Washington. He later apologized to the family and was sentenced to 25 years in prison.

Washington State Patrol

The Washington State Patrol investigated the incident and found that there was nothing the prison staff could have done to prevent it. The men did not have the same last names, so correctional officers could not have suspected a relationship. The state department of corrections hopes that Goldsby will reform and get out of jail.

Michael Munger

Justin Goldsby’s relationship with Michael “Munger” was a controversial one. In the media, it was deemed a sex-abuse case. But Goldsby’s family maintains that Goldsby is innocent of the crime. Goldsby was sent to Airway Heights prison after his conviction, where he has been in an inmate reform program. Upon his release, he will have to pay restitution to the Munger family.

Final Words:

Goldsby’s drug-addicted mother abused him as a child and he spent ten years in foster care before being adopted. During this time, he was raped and later committed a crime. He also stabbed someone and sexually abused a younger boy. He eventually reunited with his mother, but they continued to use drugs. In fact, his mother was arrested for drug offenses and Goldsby was transferred to Airway Heights prison.