10 Reasons Why Homework Should Be Banned

Well, we all know that homework plays an important role in the academic life of students. Many parents think that homework improves the children’s sense of independence. It encourages them to think outside the classroom. But some parents feel that homework is a burden for students. That is why they want homework to be banned.

But here the query arises that “Why homework should be banned?”. As many students are burdened by homework. They have to do multiple tasks given by different subject teachers. Consequently, they do not have much time for their family and for having fun. This is the only one of many other reasons. You will learn various reasons why homework should be banned in this blog. So, keep scrolling to learn more.

Why Homework Should Be Banned?

According to the educational news, schools throughout the United States and Canada are increasingly banning homework. For your consideration, below is a summary of the benefits and drawbacks of banning homework.

Why Homework Should Be Banned: Benefits And Drawbacks


  • Students can be able to get time for doing extracurricular activities.
  • Besides studies, playing and having fun is also important for children’s growth.
  • Students will get more quality time to spend with their family.
  • Students can be able to do various things based on their interests.


  • Through homework, children learn time management.
  • Homework encourages students to think out of the classroom.
  • Students can prepare themselves before the exams.
  • Homework helps students in enhancing research skills and critical thinking.

10 Reasons Why Homework Should Be Banned

Following are the reasons why homework should be banned. Let’s have a look;

Too Much Homework Assigned To Students

It is one of the main reasons why homework should be banned. Homework is an important part of academic progress in and out of the classroom. But too much homework can destroy your development. Students who spend large amounts of time on homework may find it difficult to fulfil other duties. Such as being socially and physically active.

School Is A Full-Time Job For Students

Most student’s school hours in Taiwan start around 8 a.m. or even before 8 a.m. and last at 5 p.m. or later. Every day, students spend about 9 hours of their time on their studies. They are not able to do extra activities.

Homework Provides No Advantage To Students

This is another reason why homework should be banned. Teachers think that giving extra homework to children will help them to grow. However, this is not true. Students are not motivated to learn if they have a lot of homework. As a result, homework turns into a demon. It enhances the anxiety of students rather than inspiring them to study more.

No Family Time

The biggest issue facing today’s parents is that they do not spend nearly enough time with their children. As soon as they come home, kids start working on their schoolwork and projects. They barely have time to talk to their families because they are so tired. Those who are constantly focusing on homework miss out on quality time with their families. 

Without homework, more time would be available for family bonding and bringing families closer together.

Irregular Sleep Cycle

Another reason why homework should be banned is students’ sleep cycles become irregular. As they are loaded with homework, they affect their body clock and reduce the duration of their sleep. For example, they stay up until two a.m. to complete their homework. 

Time To Relax At Home

After 8 hours in class, homework is a punishment. Going outside, hanging out with friends, supporting parents, watching TV, and playing video games, all make youngsters feel like kids. 

Threat To Children’s Nerves

Why should homework be banned in schools for the sake of mental health? Teachers are unconcerned about the negative effect of after-school activities on a child’s brain and mental health.

Extra Tasks

Students fail to do extra tasks besides their studies. If students get homework they do not have much time to look over other challenges in their life. Students who have business schedules like internships, or part-time jobs have a tough time managing their time. Consequently, they are tired at the end of the day.

Lack Of Support

It is a key reason why homework should be banned. Most professors fail to express everything needed to complete the task during class. It is one of the most solid reasons for banning homework. Parents are unable to help in all aspects of their children’s lives. Students’ friends lack the essential experience to help. They also have tasks to finish.

 After that, expert internet services are the only ones that can help students with any degree of academic work.

More Love, More Care

As the amount of after-class tasks decreases, family members will have more time to spend together. They will get more support.

To Sum Up

In the above blog, we have discussed the 10 reasons why homework should be banned. We have also discussed the pros and cons of the same. Students feel too stressed by getting so much homework. They are unable to do extracurricular activities. They already spend almost half a day at school. They do not have much time to play and have fun with their friends.

But, as we all know, homework is essential for a student’s academic growth. Schools should give interesting homework to students. They should give homework that contains both knowledge and fun. In this way, they can enjoy and study by doing homework. So, all in all, I hope you understand this blog well.