Top Attractions When Visiting London

It is a fact that millions of people visit London each year. The capital city in England boasts an impressive history and has a wide range of tourist attractions that delight and inspire travelers from all over the world. It is estimated that over 21 million people come to visit London every year to sample the lifestyle of a busy urban metropolis that has activities and landmarks that cater to a wide range of tastes and interests. If you are planning to visit London this year, then this article will be of considerable benefit in helping you to plan your perfect trip. Three distinctly different activities or landmarks are discussed. Together they can be enjoyed by a variety of tourists and one of them can be undertaken without needing to spend any money whatsoever. 

London Eye

The London Eye is one of the more recent tourist attractions to be built in the capital. It was constructed in 1999 as part of Britain’s millennial celebrations and has become a firm favorite with millions of tourists who come to the city. It is quite expensive for a ride on the London Eye as adult tickets cost £28 for an adult. However, children under the age of three are allowed to ride for free if they are accompanied by paying adults, which can make it an ideal attraction for families with younger children. One of the key reasons for the popularity of the London Eye is that it offers some of the best views over the city of London. Situated on the banks of the river Thames and rising to a height of 135 meters (443 feet) from the ground, it allows tourists to see a vast amount of the London skyline and to take in some of the other key landmarks of the city. 

Try a VR experience

If you are looking for a modern and unique experience when visiting London, it can be a perfect idea to consider visiting a VR Escape Room. As the name suggests, this takes the modern trend of escape rooms and adds a virtual reality headset to enable a virtual escape experience to take place. The VR technology allows for incredibly realistic environments to be created and gives tourists a wide range of themed experiences to choose from. London has some of the best VR escape rooms to choose from and they can be an ideal way to spend a few hours in the capital if you are a lover of the latest technology and want to test your powers of logic and deduction against the clock. 

Visit museums and galleries for free

If you are visiting London on a budget, you will be acutely aware that the cost of most items can be extremely expensive. Food, drink and accommodation cost considerably more than in most other parts of the country and it can make budgeting quite difficult. However, many tourists do not realize that most major art galleries and museums in London are completely free of any entry charge! For example, both the Tate Modern art gallery and the Natural History Museum offer free entry for all visitors, and these represent some of the world’s best museums and art galleries. In addition, many smaller venues that display art or educate the public on history are also free of entry charge. It is possible to spend a day at these venues learning more about the natural world and taking in some of the world’s finest artworks. Put simply, if you are on a budget, these locations are ideal.