The Challenges Faced by the Disabled and Ways to Eliminate Them

In Australia, approximately a 4.4million people suffer from disabilities. That means nearly 20 per cent of Australians are disabled. It is proven to be more prominent in females when compared to males. There is a positive correlation between the general population and people with disability. Amongst many other challenges, they might find it difficult to run their everyday errands or cook nutritious meals to keep themselves healthy and nourished. NDIS meal providers like Able Foods help them with all the facilities they require and make their lives more convenient.

Read below to know some of the main challenges faced by disabled people. 

Well-being or Health 

The majority of disabilities are controllable when they have medical causes. It could be from the time of delivery, malnutrition or accidents that led to brain lesions. But even after they recover, the quality of their lives can diminish and reduce productivity. 

Education or Academics 

Children with a disability need special education in schools designed for their needs or inclusive ones. It is a challenge to find good schools to provide holistic education. Children with a disability usually get access to basic education resulting in a lower level of education. 


Most Australian adults with a disability can work productively. But, these people have a lower employment rate compared to the general public. Among all the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) countries, Australia ranks relatively low for disabled income. 


Unlike the general population, people with disability cannot move around. Entering buildings, using public transport and accessing other services can be challenging for them. Despite providing special public transport or accessibility, Australia has 1.2 million people who suffer from using inaccessible public transport. Food and nutrition is also a huge problem of access for them due to their physical challenges.


People with disability and their families face several hindrances. Some have a negative attitude towards them and deprive them of the opportunity to be part of social and family gatherings or workplaces. Discrimination is seen every day in the lives of the differently-abled. They are victims of many social exclusions and face the worst stigma. 

These are the main challenges that numerous people with disabilities face. There is a lot more struggle differently-abled people face. 

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Medical professionals must assess children at a young age to identify their challenges. It can allow them to be cautious and take the necessary measures to lead a quality life, despite the difficulty. The government can empower them by developing new acts and schemes to support their lives, including food, shelter, education and career. 


Differently-abled individuals must be integrated into society, allowing them to overcome the stigma. Innovative awareness campaigns educate people about disabilities and the problems they face. During these online and offline campaigns, they can broadcast stories of successful and brave individuals to emulate optimistic attitudes in the general public and empower the differently-abled.

Employment Opportunities

Private companies must empower them by providing employment opportunities. For example, Able Foods in Australia, along with Kinema, is one of the companies providing employment opportunities to empower the disabled. 


Governments and institutions must take safety measurements like road safety, residential safety, accessibility in public transportation, nutritious food etc. Buildings should be disabled-friendly to provide easy access. By providing access, the government can ensure that the disabled experience equal treatment in the general public. Meal delivery services like Able Foods are available across the country to help nourish them back to health.