A home makeover is a popular concept for reality shows worldwide, and even in Australia, several shows depict the transformation of a home. Since 2010, the average annual expenditure on home renovations saw a 147% increase. Experts cite the expansion of decor range as the reason behind this increase, as they influenced people to change their homes. Additionally, expert agencies like interior decor, lawn maintenance and roofing services in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and more helped the industry develop. Several renovations options exist, but people generally choose one that fits their budget, and with the range available, everyone can bring change to their homes.


People make renovations in their homes for either functional or aesthetic reasons. But today, home remaking is both practical and aesthetic, allowing people to take pride in their new homes.

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The Patio And Deck

The exteriors of a home set the vibe for the overall decor, as people see them first. A patio is generally in the front and the deck at the back. Several decor options exist, but the most trendy are wooden floors with an open plan. People can also add other elements like a fire pit, mini-garden, and more. Designers can also opt for a levelled look, which will work for homes on an incline. 

The Lawn And Garden

The amount of exterior space may limit the acreage of a garden, but homeowners can effortlessly incorporate a garden of some form. While the lawn might require space, people can hang flower pots and vines on their entrances, open terraces, backyards, and more. Even apartment-owners can decorate their windows with plants. Homeowners remaking their gardens should consider statues and other rock-based ornaments, which are the trend.

The Doorway

Doors are some of the latest renovation trends in Australia, with people opting for unique shapes. Homeowners can also incorporate these ideas into their homes by choosing rounded or arched doorways or doors in bold colours. People can also carve several designs on their doors to make them stand out.

The Windows

One addition to try is large glass windows for light and an aesthetic touch. People can opt for asymmetrical windows or even replace an entire wall with glass, like a window. These windows work best with houses that have tapering roofs like pyramid roofs.

The Island Kitchen

The island kitchen is the latest trend in home interiors and adds a sophisticated vibe. Even apartment-owners can include an island kitchen, where the living room extends into the kitchen space. An island kitchen also helps conserve space, as people can opt for more storage options on the wall, as the hob doesn’t occupy space. The island kitchen also offers several design options for people wanting to remake their homes drastically.

The Lighting

The latest lighting trends are invisible lighting or decor lighting. People can choose from exposed-bulb chandeliers to mood lighting (that changes colours). Another popular choice is the voice-controlled light, making for an excellent party feature. The lights are a significant part of the decor, and their tones (warm vs cool) are also an aesthetic factor.

The home renovation industry makes about 43 billion AUD annually in Australia, a testament to their growth. While there are several more trends people can incorporate into their renovation plans, homeowners should choose from them according to their preferences. Additionally, they can also hire designers and other agencies like roofing services in Sydney or other metropolises, who offer a range of decor options. The choice range might seem overwhelming, but these agencies help them decide an overall theme, making decor decisions easier.