Mistakes to Avoid When Getting a Divorce in Massachusetts

Even with the help of a divorce lawyer, when spouses agree to get a divorce, or when a divorcing couple does not have kids or significant assets, divorce can still be messy, costly, and stressful. Thankfully, there are steps you can take to ensure your divorce goes a little more smoothly. This begins with working with a Turco Legal, P.C. divorce attorney who will help you get things right. This way, you can avoid making mistakes that can ruin your case. To have a less complicated divorce, ensure you avoid the following:

Not Controlling Your Emotions

During a divorce, you will need to ask yourself some questions. You must make tough decisions with a clear head and without resentment. This way, you can choose what is best for you and your children. You can fight for the assets you are entitled to and protect your parental rights. But make sure you fight because you want what’s best for you, not hurt your ex. Getting child custody or assets out of anger or revenge can lead to issues down the road. 

Sometimes, spouses will fight over the smallest or most unusual details. This can be a piece of furniture, artwork, or a family pet. If emotions get in your way, you may not be able to make sound judgments and smart decisions. This can result in costly and stressful fights that you and your spouse could have resolved if you had taken the time to give it a halt and think. 

Not Disclosing All Marital Property

Marital property in Massachusetts is divided equitably between spouses. Thus, the property should be split fairly. You must give accurate and complicate details about your assets and property. Hiding property or misrepresenting your financial situation can lead to serious fines and court fees. In fact, you could lose grounds in your divorce because of this. 

Fighting for the Family House

During divorce, you may wonder who can keep the family house. This house may be your most valuable asset and you and your spouse may be emotionally attached to it. However, holding onto this home might impact you in many ways. Remember that when you get the family house, you will have to take over property tax and mortgage payments by yourself, which can be hard given the new household situation after the divorce. Before you make a decision, take a hard look at your situation first. It may be best to downsize or upgrade in a neighborhood you can afford.