Is Allison Stokke Still Pole Vaulting?

When was the last time you saw Allison Stokke, an Olympic pole vaulter? She was only fifteen years old. She had been competing in the sport since the age of four and was quite good at it. However, the sudden fame questioned her dedication to the sport. Had the fame followed her, she may have given up the sport altogether. However, she has overcome this setback and has continued her training and competitions.

Pursuing Modeling Work

After breaking several records, Allison Stokke had been pursuing modelling work. Her recent success in modelling has earned her plenty of attention. She was even featured in a Uniqlo commercial where her looks were the focal point of the ad. The photo of Stokke has since become a sensation online. Despite this setback, she has continued to compete and continues to achieve great heights.

But despite this setback, Stokke hasn’t given up on her Olympic dreams. The former collegiate pole vaulter is currently training in Phoenix with a new coach, who claims to be among the best in the world. She has been working with a new coach and is hoping to qualify for the Olympic team in 2012.

High School Career

The former Olympian jumped 12 feet, five inches, and eight feet during her high school career. In her senior year, she went one inch higher and placed eighth at the national championships. The success of Stokke’s pole vaulting career is amazing, and her achievements as a student have made her a controversial figure in her sport. While Allison Stokke has a successful career as a professional athlete, she has yet to receive a college scholarship.

While the unexpected attention she received during her era of fame seems to be a thing of the past, she has come a long way since. Since her undeserved attention over a decade ago, Allison Stokke has used her experience to promote pole vaulting and continues to pursue her passion for pole vaulting. She has not tried to cash in on her fame and has remained true to her roots. And it shows in her newfound love for the sport.

Personal Life Private

While she continued to compete in the sport, Stokke’s popularity has increased. Although she was hailed as a pole vaulting superstar, she is also dating a professional golfer. She is trying to keep her personal life private. While the spotlight is undoubtedly a great thing for Stokke’s career, she is trying to find a balance between competing and being a woman.

While she was in college, Allison Stokke continued to compete and hone her skills. She even obtained a master’s degree in sociology. By avoiding the prying eyes of the media, she could focus on her career. She continued competing throughout college and aimed to go to the Olympics one day. Then, in 2015, she signed a contract with a clothing company. She is still pole vaulting and has a dream of becoming an Olympic athlete.

National Rankings

In early 2007, Allison Stokke climbed to second place in the national rankings. Her vault measured fourteen feet, three inches and was the highest by an American teen between the ages of 15 and 16. The picture was then posted online by a journalist working for a California track and field website. It was shared on a blog that was primarily male and subsequently went viral. In addition to her emergence as a top pole vaulter, Stokke is now a prominent figure in the sport.

In 2016, she signed a contract with the clothing company Uniqlo. She continued to participate in international competitions, and her videos on YouTube were widely viewed. In 2018, she began a relationship with golfer Rickie Fowler. In October of 2019, Stokke married Fowler. The marriage is a great sign of her determination to succeed. In addition to becoming a model, Stokke also became a wife.


After high school, Stokke opted to pursue her pole vaulting career as a part-time model while pursuing her degree. She had previously broken multiple records, and her picture went viral after the competition. Stokke was born on March 22, 1989 and grew up in California with her older brother, David. She entered gymnastics as an amateur because her mother encouraged her to pursue other athletic endeavours here.