How to Develop Essay and Dissertation Writing Skills in Teenagers

It can be difficult for teens to write essays, as their opinions are often not logical and they often try to defend weak arguments. Essay-writing requires logical thinking skills, so it’s a good idea to start them off with easy assignments and then move on to harder subjects. The College Board has removed the essay writing requirement from the SAT, but this shouldn’t stop students from pursuing college-level essay writing. College students will face many essay questions in Freshman Composition and many timed tests.


If you have a teen who is struggling with their writing skills and require essay help, it’s important to help him or her improve their techniques. It’s not uncommon for teenagers to struggle with grammar, spelling, and automatic usage of writing mechanics. To help them improve their skills, parents can find dozens of writing samples on the internet. Look for sample essays and paragraphs that are related to the topic and take note of the style and structure of each piece.

Technology is an excellent way to get kids involved in productive activities. You can even get them e-books to help them with their writing process. Even Pinterest can be used to organize materials. Teach them to pin sources and organize them so they can find them later. Essay writing requires research and finding the right words. It’s also important to understand the structure of an essay so that it’s clear and easy to read.

Structured essay writing

As your child gets older, you may find yourself teaching structured essay writing skills in your teens. While you may be concerned that your children may be too young to be writing, they will benefit from more formal instruction as they get older. Teaching teenagers to write will help them learn to plan their thoughts and to organize them. You can also use a worksheet to help your teenagers learn to structure their ideas. This will help them write better and more coherently.

One of the best ways to develop structured essay writing skills is to practice writing as often as possible. Writing helps people learn, and it improves memory. Teenagers should practice writing at least twice a week, if not more. While it is not essential to write full-blown essays, structured essay writing exercises will help them develop their understanding and memory. When teenagers write, they will be able to think more clearly and retain more information.

Expository writing

The first step is to find out why your teen is struggling with writing. If they’re struggling with spelling and automatic use of writing mechanics, it may be because they’re dyslexic. For help in developing the necessary writing skills, talk with your teen’s teacher. Your teen may be having difficulty with writing due to limited English proficiency or a variety of other reasons. Your teacher may be able to offer tips and strategies for improving your teen’s writing skills.

Expository writing has an overarching goal and requires several levels of thought. While your child might be very proficient with grammar, he or she may have trouble conveying thoughts in a structured manner. To help your teen develop these skills, start by making your child aware of common mechanics errors. You can also encourage your teen to edit his or her own work, especially if you notice some mistakes.


One way to boost writing skills is to introduce structured essay writing to teens. Essays are a structured way to learn how to understand concepts and details. Even if a teen isn’t a native English speaker, the structured approach to essay writing can sharpen understanding skills. Teenagers who are already struggling with writing can start small by giving their teachers and classmates some suggestions. Ultimately, the goal is to encourage the development of essay writing as a skill for life.

While writing an essay can be challenging, it can be made much easier by involving technology. There are many online resources, such as Pinterest, that can be used to organize ideas for an essay. You can also teach your child to pin sources on Pinterest. While some kids would rather use an iPad to write an essay, it is important to keep them engaged in the writing process. Teenagers should also try to find a writing coach.


How to develop essay and dissertation writing skills in teenaged kids can be a challenge for parents or teachers. But essay writing is an essential skill that helps kids develop their communication and reasoning skills. Moreover, it also makes them more logical thinkers. Ask them to read and examine dissertation examples to improve writing skills. Below are some ways to help your child develop his or her essay writing skills:

Give your child the freedom to revise his or her writing. You should let them decide their own “voice.” Avoid doing the writing for them; instead, offer some suggestions and tips. Your child must learn to think independently. It is important to encourage your child to write and publish a good essay. In addition to providing the right materials, you should also make sure that your child has enough time to work on his or her assignment.