Display Advertising – What It Is And Why You Should Invest In It?

Display advertising is also known as banner advertising. These are a visual-based form of online advertising that utilizes imagery, logos, rich media, and more to communicate. Unlike text-based advertising, these advertisements are found on apps, websites, and social media platforms, not on SERP. 

They help promote businesses as and when people are surfing online, going through email, or using any app or mobile device. Amid all of these, a question that might arise is when such advertisements don’t appear on search page results, are they really worth investing in? 

Well, they indeed have low click-through rates, but when other metrics are considered, display ads have proven to boost brand awareness and intent to purchase. But if you are still not convinced, here are certain advantages of display ads that will make you reconsider.

Have a look. 

  1. They Are Eye-catching And Visually Appealing

Display ads are devised with graphic content and can be created in the tone of your business functions. Such ads let you explore creativity with bright colors, even video, and rich media to the best possible extent. Besides that, you can even employ animation to draw the viewer’s attention. 

Display ads are somewhat like PPC ads; the only difference is that they contain much more than just text and headlines. Plus, regular SEM advertisements enclose character counts, limiting your messaging prospect. Display ads authorize for catchy messaging, plus pictures, video, and your company’s branding to stand out and attract attention.

  1. They Accustom Your Targeted Audience With Your Brand

Search advertisements are more inclined to influence your audience to buy the product, but display advertising is keener to help your target audience know about your product. It intends to help you accustom your brand to your targeted audience. Display ads have an increased reach and are typically discovered on websites that probable customers frequent. 

  1. They Qualify For Remarketing Opportunities

Remarketing entitles your brand to place targeted display ads before a specified audience that has earlier visited your website as they browse elsewhere on the internet. Once a probable consumer comprehends your product or service, a well-placed display ad can remind them to complete a purchase. Remarketing is a savvy way to unite with potential consumers who might not have created an initial purchase or inquiry. 

  1. They Give You the Power to Track and Observe Your Ad Engagement

Platforms like GDN and Facebook Advertising propose precise reports that comprise which display advertisements that have witnessed the most clicks along with their values. In addition, the GDN has a view-through window, which helps you have an insight letting you know for how long a consumer was viewing your ad and whether or not they transformed into a customer or lead.

This helps you have a clear picture instead of merely anticipating, proffering a chance of rectification. 


After acknowledging how beneficial display advertising can be, there is no reason to embrace such a tactic to increase brand awareness. So make sure you have a reliable expert like King Kong on board to fetch you more insights and curate an effective plan to help get done with things right.