Casie Colson Baker: What is Casie Colson Baker’s Birthday?

What is Casie Colson Baker birthday? She was born on 24 July 2009 in Atlanta, Georgia. She is an actress, model, and YouTube sensation. She is the daughter of Machine Gun Kelly, a rapper who has been in the spotlight since his early days. Although she is still a youngster, her presence on the Internet has made her one of the most popular kids around.

American Celebrity Child

Cassie Colson Baker is an American celebrity child. She is the firstborn daughter of Machine Gun Kelly, and was accompanied by her father at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards. She is a Leo, which means she was born under the sign of Leo. Her mother does not seem to be active on social media. Her father is a rapper who has been married to several women.

Cassie Colson Baker is a young celebrity, and is not yet old enough to be in a relationship. At a young age, she is too young to be in a relationship, and is much better off focusing on her studies and having fun. She has a charming personality and is very attractive, and she may be in a relationship later on. But it is a good thing that she is a single girl.

What is Casie Colson Baker’s Ethnicity?

Her parents were born in Germany. Her mother was a German and her father was from the United States. She has brown hair and black wavy skin. She has not shared her body measurements and is not yet a teenager. Despite these details, she is a famous celebrity child, and it’s likely that she will have many admirers in the future.

Actress & Television Personality

Besides being an actress and a television personality, she is a singer, and a model. Her parents met while she was a baby, and they later divorced. The two never had children, but the pair remained friends and worked together. Both of them are fans of music. In addition to her father, she has also been an artist herself. She has been featured on many different music videos, and she is still growing up.

What is Casie Colson Baker zodiac sign? She was born in Leo, so her zodiac sign is Leo. Her eye colour is brown, and her height is three inches. Her weight is twenty kilograms. Her mother and father are her idols, and Casie is a young star. She is the daughter of a famous comedian, Machine Gun Kelly.

Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards

Born on July 24, 2009 in California, U.S., Casie Colson Baker is an American celebrity kid. Her parents are famous for raising her. She is a member of the hip hop community, and she has appeared with her mom at a Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards. As a child, Casie is not active on social media, but she is a model.

Cassie is an internet personality and a celebrity child. She is popular with fans of the Kardashian family and MGK. She is also a member of the Disney Channel and has a boyfriend. She is known as Casie Colson. She is also an actor and a model. She has no boyfriend. The most important aspect of her life is her mother. She loves pizza, and her father is a rapper.

Twitter Account

The star is an avid foodie. She likes pizza, animal pictures, and skateboarding. She loves animals, and is frequently seen with her dad. What is Casie’s ethnicity? She is of German descent. She also has an Instagram account. She has no girlfriend, but she has a boyfriend, which she uses for social media. She also has a Twitter account and likes to wear accessories on her hands.


She is a Leo. Her parents are famous in the music industry. They have three children. They have been married for three years. They have a daughter, and they are both involved in popular events. It is possible that she will get into a romantic relationship with Machine Gun Kelly. However, she has not yet had a boyfriend of her own. She has a boyfriend, but is reportedly dating another person here.