4 Reasons Why It’s Better to Use Branded Snowboards

Snowboarding is an extreme sport that requires expertise and skill to pursue. That is why it is essential to have the right accessories like the snowboard, dress, boots, etc. while going on a snowboarding trip. And the most important of them is the board, which must match the rider’s snowboarding style, riding pattern, performance level, and body size. 

Premium branded snowboarding accessories like the Burton snowboards are considered one of the best because of their superior build quality, excellent materials quality, large and wide sizes, and artistic styles. So, here are the characteristics of a branded snowboard that make it a world-class snowboarding accessory in the market:

  1. Construction

Most brands sell hand-made snowboards, and building a snowboard is no easy task as it involves an arduous process that requires much time and effort. In this process, the core is usually cut out using various high-tech machines, and the designing is done using ultra-modern CAD software. As such, a local producer might find it hard to afford such technologies.

  1. Design

It takes a professional to make a snowboard correctly because of the uniqueness of its geometry, and brands generally use expert designers to create unique designs that can be customised. These designers precisely know how much rocker a snowboard needs to distribute the force along the board’s base and edges in response to the snowboarder’s reflexes. 

  1. Material

Branded snowboards are generally made of high-quality wood, metal, and fibreglass. These materials ensure that the boards have enough rigidity to glide on the snow yet enough lightness and flexibility to perform tricks and gain speed. Some brands also use flexible materials like bamboo in the mid-layers to give the boards a better pop when jumping. 

  1. Layers

The more the number of layers, the better the quality of the board will be. As such, branded snowboards have at least five layers, which are pressed together at high temperatures under intense pressure so that the layers bond well together. These features lead to the formation of a more reliable and durable snowboard.

Does a Brand Name Make Any Real Difference?

The brand name plays a vital role in determining the quality of a product. For instance, a brand like Burton, a prevalent name across Australia, usually produces some of the best snowboards in the world. This is because they have a reputation and goodwill in the market that they need to protect at any cost. For the same reason, a branded snowboard is much more reliable and long-lasting than any other product. 

Why Are Branded Snowboards So Expensive?

Branded snowboards are usually slightly more expensive because they are made with better quality materials that make them more durable and enable them to handle harsh weather conditions. They are also more suitable for performing tricks and stunts without worrying about safety. 

With many varieties of snowboards available in the market, buying a branded product like the Burton boards and accessories is always better because a cheap snowboard can pose many risks. They can get damaged and depreciated in no time and cause accidents. Purchasing used snowboards is also not a great idea, even though they come at a much lower price because they often have hidden irreparable damages. Contrarily, a premium quality board can have different flex levels and remain balanced even at high speed. Therefore, there is no question of compromising quality for money, as it directly affects the rider’s safety.